New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Jan 18th update: At the Annual Meeting of the Congregation yesterday, we voted to form the two committee’s recommended by the New Beginning’s Report.

The Outreach Committee members include: Barb Mitchell, Bill Keck, Jan Myers, Linda Keck, and Mary Ann Hood.

The Capital Improvement Committee members include: Bob Mitchell, David Blount, Dick Kelly, Jerry Zarret, Joan Moore, and Pat McCune.

Please keep these folks in prayer as they begin their work, and feel free to bring questions, concerns, or comments to any member of these committees, session, or Pastor Bill.

Outreach Minutes

       October 4, 2016

May 31, 2016

May 10, 2016

April 26

April 5

March 15

February 5

Capital Improvements Minutes




Jan 5th update: Yesterday the session met to adopt the report presented to them by the New Beginnings Small Group leaders. That report can be found here.


Good Shepherd is currently going through the New Beginnings process. There are three main stages to this process – a Congregational Assessment, Small Groups, and Making a Decision. We are currently forming small groups that will begin the week of September 13th (the schedule of the small groups is below, along with their starting date). At the end of the New Beginnings process we will make a Bold decision about the future of our congregation.

This space will also contain resources and electronic versions of many of the small group materials.



Downloadable Materials

Good Shepherd Assessment Report

Wake Up and Taste the Eggs – a sermon by Rev. Dr. Jay Dee Conrad