We Do Church in the World!

Our mission activities are varied and ambitious. Some of our service is local and very hands-on. Other world-wide initiatives we support through funding and education. Out theological basis is the idea that Jesus is coming to establish the heavenly kingdom- and we act decisively in anticipation of that, treating those in need with the generosity and kindness that shows that Jesus is Lord.

Here at home we operate a food bank that serves two zip codes: 80234 and 80260.  We’re open 4 days a week and 1 evening a month to provide nutrition assistance to those in need.  This well-staffed, well-managed, award-winning operation has been offering help in our community for over 26 years.  Recently, our client load has more than doubled from around 300-350 per month to over 775!  We are grateful for the way in which God has enabled us to persevere in the face of this challenge, and continue to provide help to the hungry in our community.

Another local initiative of Good Shepherd Church is our partnership with Growing Home, an innovative outreach operation that ministers to homeless, unemployed and under-nourished people in the North Denver Metro area.  The basic concept of Growing Home is amazing: 12 churches partner up to provide a week’s worth of shelter space each quarter of the years.  We team with Northglenn United Methodist church to provide staffing, meals, counseling, and general support services to up to five families on two nights in each quarter.

We supported Ralston House, a child advocacy center that helps children and teens who are suspected of being sexually or physically abused, by selling and planting pinwheels in the church lawn for the month of April. Blue pinwheels are a symbol of child abuse prevention awareness across the nation, and April is Child Abuse Prevention month. There are two Ralston House locations in Jefferson County. Recently, a third "House" opened in Northglenn. These are safe, welcoming locations for law enforcement, medical examiners and trained staff to work with child victims and their families. We surpassed our goal of 50 pinwheels by selling 95 of them. Each garden says to child/teen victims, "The abuse is not your fault. We are on your side; we believe you and want to help you heal." Thank you to everyone who bought pinwheels.

We also partner with other Presbyterian churches in Denver Presbytery in support of the Presbytery of Zimbabwe. That nation has suffered greatly over the past few decades, and Zimbabwean Presbyterians have been making a difference in providing food, education, HIV/AIDS education and other services to the people of that country. We are grateful for our partnership with them and the opportunities to serve that it provides.

Other mission initiatives include Operation Christmas Child, our annual CROP Walk, nutrition assistance for one of our local high schools, and support for denomination-wide “great Offerings” of the church that benefit hungry, homeless, disadvantaged, and disaster-afflicted people in the US and around the world.

We are committed to the propositions that 1) God’s love is for everybody, and 2) that love is best expressed by God’s people in concrete ways.

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