Summer Sabbath Experiment

Summer Sabbath Experiment

Why are we moving worship to Saturday night one week a month?

We know many of you live very busy lives. Between work, kids, your volunteering in the community, your service to the church – you are busy.

And you do it well.

But how well do we rest? How often do we intentionally stop and just be present in the beauty of God’s world?

Worship is, hopefully, a time of Sabbath rest. A time to gather together in our faith community and be present together, grateful for the gift of life, community, and blessing.

We hope that by moving worship to Saturday night, one week a month, we’ll have a chance to be taken out of our normal rhythm and take rest at a different time than usual. So, we’ll gather Saturday evenings at 5pm for a meal together, with worship at 6pm, and take Sunday mornings to “be sabbathy” in different ways.

For some of you, perhaps having a free morning to go for a hike is the best way to spend your day. Perhaps others will use the time to have friends over for a leisurely brunch. Maybe a lengthy family game of Monopoly or Risk has been waiting for a day like this.

This is not one more day to go to the office or to do the work or tasks that make up the rest of our week. God created the world in 6 days and used the 7th day as a day or rest. In the 10 Commandments, the command to honor the Sabbath begins with “Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy”. This call to remember suggests that Sabbath is something we have known but perhaps have forgotten. We are made in the image of God, and God, as busy as we imagine the creator of the world is, took time to rest. Remember the Sabbath, we’re told.

This change to our worship schedule is an attempt to help us remember and reclaim Sabbath in our lives.

What will you do with a Sunday, set apart?